Carol Hannah Bridal Fashion Shoot | Part One | Charleston, SC

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A while back I had seen some of Carol Hanna’s gorgeous wedding creations on a wedding blog and then I remembered her from Project Runway Season 6. I noticed that the images of her dresses were nice but I knew they weren’t doing the pieces justice. I played with the idea of asking her if she wanted to collaborate on a shoot using her gowns, but then I quickly dismissed the idea. I mean, she’s Carol Hannah. Why in the world would she even take the time to read an email from ME? God only knows why, but something inside me kept pushing me to just ask. So… I emailed her and sent it without any expectation of ever hearing from her. About a week later I get an email from her saying that she would love to have her gowns photographed by me and that she trusted my vision. What a compliment from a designer who I have grown to adore and respect from watching her on Project Runway.

With all that said, she had done a fashion show in Charleston a couple of weeks back, and went back to New York, leaving her gowns there for me to use in this photo shoot. I arrived with Alin, my favorite assistant and best husband in the whole wide world, and we took the gowns over to Rouge of Charleston. Angie and Chad are the owners of this full-service salon and one of the nicest people that I have EVER met. They had so graciously allowed us to use their space to get ready, and on such short notice without even knowing us. I mean, who does that?? Angie also did the models’ hair and what an impeccable and perfect job she did. Thank you Angie and Chad from the very bottom of my heart!

Anyway, here are some behind-the-scenes images we took throughout the day. I will post my personal favorites from the actual shoot itself either today or on Monday, so come back for those. You DO NOT want to miss those, trust me!

CHBC Behind the Scenes 001

CHBC Behind the Scenes 002

CHBC Behind the Scenes 003

Doesn’t Angie look a lot like Juliette Lewis?

CHBC Behind the Scenes 004

No, this is not Jesse James. Meet Chad. Angie’s wonderful head–over-heels-in-love husband. Angie told us a funny story about some women on the street commenting about him as though he were Jesse James. Poor guy. LOL!

CHBC Behind the Scenes 005

CHBC Behind the Scenes 006

CHBC Behind the Scenes 007

CHBC Behind the Scenes 008

CHBC Behind the Scenes 009

Lia of III Jay Productions is an amazing makeup artist and also brought her friend who was a huge help that day. Also helped that both those girls were hilarious.

CHBC Behind the Scenes 010

CHBC Behind the Scenes 011

CHBC Behind the Scenes 012

CHBC Behind the Scenes 013

Emily was one of our two models that day. Not only is she talented and beautiful, but she has an amazing heart as well.
CHBC Behind the Scenes 014

Then we have Cissi who just like Emily is just as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. I LOVE this shot of a biker going across the scene.
CHBC Behind the Scenes 015

I also love these men walkin’ with their wine in front of Cissi, all non-chalant about what was happening.

CHBC Behind the Scenes 016

CHBC Behind the Scenes 017

My sweet husband Alin proves to me every day that chivalry is in fact -not dead. He was very helpful throughout the day and always made sure the girls were comfortable and safe.

CHBC Behind the Scenes 018

CHBC Behind the Scenes 019

By the end of the day, I really grew attached to these girls.

CHBC Behind the Scenes 020


  1. -

    Carol Hannah was one of my favorites that season! Can’t wait to see the rest of the shots! And I hope the salon uses those photos in their marketing materials/website. :)

  2. Lady Pender -

    Congratulations Caroline the shoot was great. To Jalia and III J Productions, awesome job! : )

  3. nadiyah -

    That Old Men and Wines shot is phenominal!!!!!!!!!! I enjoyed this day sooooo much. I can’t wait for the next one…

  4. -

    Wow! The photos are awesome! Rouge of Charleston – your salon is so beautiful and chic! Caroline – the gowns are to DIE for! 3Jay Productions – the makeup is simply magical! Models Cissi and Emily – YOU ROCKED IT!!

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