Historic Pritzlaff // Night Portraits

All Photos by Wedding Photographer Caroline Ghetes.
Please do not copy, alter, or distribute without permission.

At some point during Maura and Dan’s wedding reception we decided to explore the Historic Pritzlaff and look for abandoned rooms to do some portraits in. Then we came across this space with the most incredible street lighting coming in through the windows and I was done. I had died and gone to photography heaven.

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  1. Steve Koo - Really lovely, Caroline! Love the third one down.
  2. Porter - um. WOA caroline. absolutely NUTS
  3. Danny - Brilliant as usual.
  4. Becca Dilley - Really lovely use of light, and so unexpected. The third one down is just showstopping, really lovely.
  5. Amanda - Oh, how I love Pritzlaff! What beautiful images!!!
  6. John Bello - Love that first image - beautiful set!
  7. Jessie - These are hauntingly beautiful!!!
  8. heather - Killer, amazing, beautiful, as always.
  9. Ross Harvey - Awesome CG! Especially the first. Delicious.
  10. Ben - I lack the adjectives to properly describe the amaze-balls-ness of that light and these images. So good!
  11. Teresa K - So stunning Caroline...I LOVE your approach with this setting.
  12. Kellee Walsh - Love love love love!
  13. Jeremy Bischoff - Stunning shots Caroline. Love the subtle detail in the shadows. Each one looks like a painting.
  14. Brian - Beautiful portraits Caroline!
  15. Daniel - Beautiful imagery!
  16. Kristen Mueller - Gorgeous, Caroline!
  17. Nessa - You never stop coming up with ways to be amazing, Caroline. <3
  18. Jouni - Good use of light. Gotta love the first image here.
  19. Darin Collison - Kaboom. Nailed. Love.
  20. Gabriel - Magic and misterious, lovely light !
  21. Anton Chia - Beautiful place and you used it great it seems!
  22. Tomasz Wagner - Okay, I think I just died and entered photography heaven, too, while looking at these. Brilliant work, Caroline!!!
  23. Dave Brown - I love the look of these, the grain is fantastic!
  24. The Pritzlaff - STUNNING! I have always loved the 3rd floor and how the light pours through the windows. It's magical! Thank you for sharing.

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