Ashley+Andrew | Poplar Grove Boat House

When Andrew signed one of his very first emails to me with “I hope this finds you, Alin, and the children smiling more than frowning and enjoying our gift of life as much as possible!”, I knew I liked him. After 10 months of emails, we met for the very first time on the wedding morning. I was greeted with one of those hugs where you don’t want to let go it was so cuddly. In my personal life, I love to surround myself with people who are creative and can laugh about anything. Andrew is a ridiculously talented photographer in Charleston (website HERE). But the best part about him is his ability to light up a room with his smile and his witty banter and jokes.

Then there’s Ashley, owner of yesUmay and Cose Belle in Charleston. This girl can bake AND dress! She’s a beautiful, creative fashionista. She likes to jump. A lot. And she likes to laugh. A LOT. And what was real endearing was watching her laugh at everything that came out of Andrew’s mouth. Some people get tired of their spouse’s same jokes over and over again, but not Ashley. She just lets Andrew be Andrew, and loves him for it. Throughout the day, I would catch Andrew just looking at Ashley, without her knowing. And I could see how much he truly loved her. And he never failed to tell her he loved her that day. Over and over again.

The best part of the entire day for Alin & I was when, during the ceremony, Ashley was all choked up on her words, and Andrew stopped everything, turned her around to face her family and friends, hugged her from behind and reminded her of everyone who was there. That they were all there because they loved her and cared.

Being around Andrew & Ashley’s friends and family that day made me realize how much these two were, in fact, loved. Their friends were loyal to them. And any one of them that had a talent, gave of themselves on the wedding day; from the DJ to the planner to the caterers. I have a feeling that Alin & I have found us some real new friends here and we can’t wait to spend more time with them again.

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    I thought I could make it through without tears.. then the embrace during the first dance.. this wedding is perfect and what you did with it is magic.

  2. -

    Thank you guys! Kat if you are talking about the black and white one during the ceremony, then thank you! My husband Alin actually took that one. It took my breath away when I saw it!

  3. -

    Holy crap Caroline-these are just gorgeous! The image of the bride swirling her white shirt around to get dressed, the one of him turning her around and facing the crowd, the image of the girl outside with the wine glass, and the hand shadow on the dance floor are my absolute favorites.
    I also think that everyone need a lit chandelier at their outdoor wedding. Just beautiful, all around.

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    Caroline, I don’t know what to say, these are incredible! Everything is so good, but I do love the “first look” set, brought a tear to my eye. Congrats to the awesome couple!

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    W O W ! These are soooo fantastic. Between the gorgeous couple and sweet locations you could have taken the easy way out. But you had to sprinkle your magic fairy dust on every awesome image. And viewers are all the more smitten. Stunning!!

  6. -

    Gorgeous, Caroline. The entire set is so full of emotion – I can only imagine how thrilled they are with the way you captured everything.

  7. -

    Your photographs have such a dreamlike quality… it’s as if, in each frame, a perfectly complete emotion is frozen… preserved for the rest of us to view through the haze of time later on. The people you have recorded at once appear to be actors (too beautiful to be real), and so real so as to be a part of the viewers themselves.

    If you doubt what I say, read what I wrote again and remember that I would not…. COULD NOT have been at all eloquent without inspiration to be so. You are inspiring.

  8. -

    Oh Caroline. Your work at this wedding is just amazing beyond all comprehension. I found myself tearing up over a couple I’ve never even met. That is all because of your incredible gift.

  9. -

    Caroline… I have been stalking your blog since October 22… enjoying every post along the way but especially excited to see these photos. OH. MY. GOSH. You guys are amazing. You absolutely, 100% captured the spirit that was in the room that night- a mix of sweetness, love, friendship and little bit of a dance club :) Thanks so much for sharing these gorgeous images!

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    Caroline, I always considered you ‘one’ of my favourite photographers, now im not so sure… I think you just rocketed to Fav all time photographer! Great wedding, perfect coverage!

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    AMAZING. I love this wedding so much…such gorgeous images filled with such raw emotion. They look like such a wonderful, fun couple!!

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    I thought I’d have words to say something when I got to the bottom of the post, but I don’t think I can muster up how beautiful I think this wedding is…. so I’ll just leave it at that. Beautiful work, Caroline. Like, seriously.

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    wow – that’s an awesome coverage of the event. My favourite frame (they’re all amazing) is the BW shot in the hammock – I love how you’ve captured such a fun, natural, spontaneous moment. I might try your VSCO soup :)

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    seems as if this was your most genuine couple, beautiful lighting, simple and true love. I love this wedding and will have to say is my favorite to date. just perfect. <3

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