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All images by Charlotte wedding photographer Caroline Ghetes.
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Roxana has become a near and dear friend of mine over the course of the past year or so. We had first started out as business buddies. Roxana & her mother Maria, both run the Highgrove Estate, a gorgeous wedding venue, and also a beautiful bed & breakfast, Chateau Bellevie, both in Fuquay-Varina. I had attended a few of their venue food tastings to showcase my photography and throughout the process, myself, Roxana & her family have become very close. I can easily say that I love them as if they were my own family.

Roxana and Jonny, to me, are exactly perfect for each other. I watch Roxy’s mom & dad call each other pet names like “mama, tata, and papi” and notice that Jonny and her are doing the same thing with each other. It’s so cute it makes me sick. And speaking of sick, I fell sicker than I’ve ever been the morning of Roxana’s wedding. I woke up with extreme nausea after which I shortly thereafter “relieved” and then my husband tells me I proceeded to completely pass out for about 4 minutes or so, in which I’ve never fainted for that long before. To be honest, I was in a slight panic. I did not feel any relief. I was nauseous, I had 0% energy, and could barely function. I called a few of my fellow local photographers to see if anyone could come and fill in for me. It was the 10/10/10 weekend, so of course no one was available. By the way, thank you Candice for taking time out of your day to call photographers for me that day. You were a real angel. And a huge thank you goes to my husband Alin & Ashley for sticking by me throughout the day, dealing with my “issues” and really doing the very best they could to make my job easier. We never did find a replacement, so I tried very hard to suck it up and let the adrenaline rush take over and occupy my mind. I made it. We made it. And here is what we came up with. Roxana & Jonny’s wedding took place at the insanely gorgeous Barclay Villa in Angier, NC. Enjoy and leave some love below! To see Ashley’s images from Roxana & Jonny’s wedding day click on the following link: Asheville Wedding Photographer.



  1. Alice Pacurar - WOW! Caroline, just... wow! It was such a beautiful wedding..the pictures turned out amazing. You are beyond words. Seriously! ..oh and it was great to finally meet you! :)
  2. Marie - Magnifique ! It's not a simple wedding, It's a special day and we can see it. The decorations, wouah, the details and the pictures, oh la la!!! very good job :-)
  3. Charisma Howard - So lovely Caroline..your work is such a joy to behold. I always look forward to viewing your latest wedding. What a beautiful couple and beautiful venue and what a trooper you are to have done such an amazing job feeling as unwell as you did. I can only hope to one day aspire to your level of artistic talent.
  4. Courtney - Caroline- I think these are my favorite that you've ever did incredible...especially for being sick! I just showed my mom these pictures and she thought they were "outstanding"! Roxana- I wouldn't expect anything less from you! You did a phenomenal job on all of the details! I'm glad I got to celebrate with you while looking through these pictures!
  5. Candice {The Beautiful Mess} - These are beautiful! We were happy to help...and shot sick...and your pictures are AMAZING! Can't wait till God heaps rewards of love and blessings your way!
  6. Eunice - this is WOW! speechless...
  7. Emma - Caroline, the pictures are amazing! was a beautiful wedding and you've got all the details are blessed with talent to see it and catch it at the right moment.
  8. Roxana and Jonny Martinescu - Caroline, Jonny and I are so impressed by the pictures you took, every picture is so beautiful and unique. I like how you captured our love for each other(may it be sappy or not ;) in every picture, perfectly! I have no words to thank you and your team (Alin and Ashley) for all you have done. All I know to say that you put your heart into your work and that you are only capable of creating genius, photographic masterpieces :) To all perspective clients of Caroline Ghetes: You will be happy with each and every picture Caroline takes, so much- that you will not know which pictures to choose for your coffee table photo album. And that's a fact! With love, Roxy & Jonny Martinescu Very pleased bride and groom
  9. Mirela Filip - Caroline, it was wonderful meeting you, and if this is what you can create when your sick, well sweetheart many many KUDOS for you. I can see that God's blessing and gift is with you. I pray that it will increase with each assignment so you can give God all the glory for making you in such a privileged instrument in His hands. Johny and Roxana... once again thank you so much for making us a part of your special day and memory. It was an honor to be there. Congratulations and God bless you both! We love you very much!
  10. Barclay Villa - This are absolutely breathtaking! They are a masterpiece of timeless style and elegance. Well done Caroline! Roxana, you look like a model!
  11. Cristina Ionescu - Roxana and Jonny, may God bless your marriage with love and happiness forever. Your wedding photos are so beautiful!!! The wedding was just like a fairy tale.
  12. Dorothy - I LOVE IT!!! Caroline I watched you battle with your health that whole day and I admire so much the masterpiece that you produced despite how sick you felt!!! You did a lovely job and it was such a treat to get to watch you that day as you took pictures of all of us :)
  13. Hannah - WOW. the colors are so rich. her dress is incredible. these are greatgreatgreat photos.
  14. Gary Woods - I love your work! Very very talented.......
  15. Charlyn - Beautiful pictures. I am just browsing Barclay Villa photos on google and have to say that the pictures are stunning. I am a future bride and will be booking Barclay Villa for my Summer wedding. Thanks for letting me share.
  16. Jim Unger - This looks completely over the top! Larger than life! The bride...the dress...the colors - WOW! Incredible job capturing it all Caroline! Thanks for sharing!

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