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Dennis & Patricia are one of the most stunning & big-hearted couples I have ever had the pleasure to shoot. They flew all the way from L.A. just so they could have a change of scenery for their engagement shoot. Originally, their idea was to do a “The Notebook” inspired shoot,and we accomplished that with about half the pictures. We had also talked about injecting a few strange ideas into their sessions, that I’ve been wanting to do for a while with a willing couple. Not only were Dennis & Patricia willing, but they had fun with it and it came out exactly as I had envisioned it. Some of the poses, you will notice were inspired by one of my favorite artists: Rene Magritte. I love how his mind works when I look at his art, he is the only artist I get. Which is funny because a lot of his art is very non-sensical. Usually the viewer looks at his stuff and thinks “why??” and they can’t make any sense of it, yet for some reason they love it. Now, in no way am I saying that my photography is anything like Rene Magritte’s paintings, but I wanted you to understand where my inspiration came from and the style of photography that I have fun with the most.

Now that I have rambled you to death, let’s get on with the pictures! A few amazing accessories were lent to me for this shoot from some Etsy sellers, and I will credit them below. Support these artists by visiting their shops! Also, my darling husband, Alin assisted on the shoot and was a HUMONGOUS help! Thank you so much, babe for supporting me in all this! I love you ;)

This gorgeous antique parasol/umbrella was created by Designs By Victoria.



This creepy 1920′s style mask was created by D. Cyzon’s Flapperdashery. And by the way, REALLY funny story with the shots below. When we were photographing this shot, it attracted quite the crowd. There were cars lined up and stopping on the street as well as people walking & halting to have a look. Their facial expressions were truly horrified, which honestly made it all the more funny to me ; ) I guess this “weirdness” is a little much for southerners, LOL!


This awesome top hat was created by D. Cyzon’s Flapperdashery.



Seriously, how dapper are they?? Patricia’s adorable shrug was created by Angelika Liv & her dress is from Anthropologie.


While I was taking the shot, a horse & carriage tour drove by with a bunch of people in it, and a guy talking to them about the city’s history. Suddenly he stops mid-sentence and him along with everyone else stares at us and our “situation”, dumbfounded. God it was a funny day.





I’m not one for cheesy sunset shots. But with a couple this stunning, a dress this stunning, and a sky that stunning?? I couldn’t resist ;)



I LOOOVE all of their outfits they used that day!


I’m going to get a bit techinical with the shot below. It was practically pitch dark when I took this. I shot it at f2.8 @ 1/30 sec & 3200ISO with a 24-70mm lens and all I can say is: I love my Canon 5D MarkII.


Patricia bought that “&” sign from Anthropologie. Wouldn’t this be cute for their Save-the-Dates?

Blog readers, I would love to hear your thoughts below! Dennis & Patricia, I can’t wait to see you guys in Malibu next year for your wedding!



  1. shanni - hooooooolllllyyyyyyy cow. seriously... wow to my wow. I know having a STUNNING couple with out of control props helps, but ummm, hello, you worked it lady!!! props to you (no pun intended!)
  2. mitza - caroline, i`m one of Dennis' cousins from Romania :) - not his tallest - and got here because i wanted to find out more about my future one - his fiance :D congrats for a great job caroline and congrats to them, too :)
  3. FerX2 - this is sooo wonderful.... i love it from top 2 bottom!!!... seriously, just watching gives me the creeps about why im not engaged and having an amazing photoshot.... i meet patricia a few months ago.... a brilliant future awaits!!
  4. natalia - OMG...this pictures are gorgeous...i can't find words how beautiful they are..it blew me away... the photographer ..speachless...of course the models "r okay" too...lol...a really good job...
  5. jennifer - Obsessed!! I am obsessed with these photos (it helps that the couple is absolutely super cute) I came across some really intense 1920s themed engagment shoots and decided thats where we wanted to roll for our shoot... but then I decided I didint want them to be "too themed". These are the perfect balance of vintage touches and mordern chic photos!! I can not wait to share this post with my photog and say "hey this is what Im looking for"... Also, that tiny mad hatter hat is amazing...

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